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Our Consultants bring domain expertise in all major FM areas that will enhance the productivity of your people, place and property thereby contributing significantly to your ultimate business goals and objectives.

Consulting Services are provided in the following domain:

Facility Management Our FM consultants having understood your business objectives, may opt for an Integrated Facility Management approach, which encompass defining strategic KPIs, result oriented Service Level Agreement (SLA), standard operating procedures and performance measured against those SLAs.

We have specialized domain experts in all major FM areas: from Technical assessment to maintenance, ground maintenance, Housekeeping, condition assessment and security, to space and workplace management.

Our consultants work as your partner to devise strategic model for your facility, which could be based on an operating model or improvement projects.

Energy Management Our consultants are expert in implementing sustainable solutions to reduce energy consumption, control carbon footprint and develop better ways of managing your energy consumption.

Through Energy Audits, we provide technically feasible and commercially viable solutions for energy cost reduction. We also provide technical support for implementation of recommended energy conservation measures and post implementation services for monitoring and verification.

Workplace Management

It is a misconception that a better working environment or redesigning your work place always requires more space.

The business goes through different phases in its life cycle and which requires the organisation to grow exponentially, change the business, merge, shrink, move or undergo other organizational changes that require companies to rethink their space allocation and workplace design. Our consultants can assist and provide advisory services in any such organisational life cycle change and help you in getting you from business reorganisation to business as usual as quickly as possible.

Our consultants can assist you to align your way of working with current and future business needs. They can help set up efficient process to track, manage and modify workplace with associated space and assets.

Maintenance Management

Our consultants help developing asset database; assess total life cycle cost of your technical installations and plan its lifecycle performance through Preventive maintenance program.

With the help of Maintenance management software, our consultants help you find the right balance between required performance and total life cycle cost of your technical installations resulting in achieving high efficiency, controlled costs and regulatory compliances.

Risk Analysis and Security

There are several threats that can negatively affect people, assets and business, such as natural disasters, hazardous materials, malicious activities, industrial espionage, violence and theft to name a few. An extensive Security audit and Risk analysis is essential to detect, prevent or mitigate such security threats.

Our security management consultants support you with a risk management strategy that help you identifying, assessing and managing risk so that a right balance is achieved between acceptable risk and total cost of security.

Our consultant can plan and devise a risk management strategy to support your organization by setting best practice security operation, from designing strategy to operational implementation with regular reviews and updates based on the outcome of actions taken and new developments:

Our security experts can perform security and risk assessment of buildings, installations, personnel and visitors. They support you to create a business continuity program based on best practices.

Smart Intelligent Building Solutions

Installing diverse technological devices and automated processes is not sufficient to make the building Smart. These technologies generate numerous amount of data which when collected, collated, analyzed and collaborated effectively and put to actionable intelligent solutions brings lot of value to the business functions and services of the owners and occupiers.

Making a smart building, or making a building smart, begins by linking core systems such as lighting, power meters, water meters, pumps, heating, fire alarms, access systems, elevators and chiller plants with sensors and control systems.

Our consultants assist in creating or transforming a building into a smart building which is beneficial for both the owner and the organizations working within.

  • Improve Asset reliability and performance
  • Efficient energy use
  • Enhances environment in terms of quality air.
  • Space allocation and optimization
  • Better security and hygiene
  • Increases productivity of the occupants.
  • Minimize environmental impact on the building.